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15Bamboo Basket





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Slice ice machine sheet ice effect map:

1. The ice machine can be iced for one minute, the ice is dry and crisp, and the contact area is large. The fresh-keeping effect is better than that of the same type of ice.
2. Compared with traditional block ice, slice ice has a long time of ice making and requires secondary processing before use. The size of broken ice is different, the fresh-keeping effect cannot be achieved well, and it is easy to damage the refrigerated items.

15 tons of flake ice machine parameter configuration table:


1. Flake ice:

Flake ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block.Its thickness is about 1.8mm-2mm, without edges or corners which can produce the cooling food, fish, seafood ad other products

2. Flake ice machine features;

Automatic monitoring system:

Intelligentized PLC control, don’t need to arrange people to monitor the machine

Emergency Alarm:

It makes you know immediately once the emergency happens

Cable Channel:

All the wires packed in stainless steel channel, protects the wire, also makes the machine look neat and tidy

Evaporator Drum:

Use stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrominum. The scartch-style system of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power comsumption, exquisite welding and processing technology ensure high-efficent heat transfer and energy saving.

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